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Frequently Asked Questions

Self Supporting Accounts

There may be different procedures or oversight for state activity so refer to the state section for additional guidance that applies to state accounts or positions.

ICA and TMC self supporting accounts are tied to one appropriation unit so adjustments in those areas can be made across accounts within each appropriation.

What is a Self Supporting Account?
What is the difference between a Budgeted and an Unbudgeted Account?
When can a New Account be set up?
What is the procedure for setting up a New Account?
What is the difference between a Budget Adjustment and a Budget Revision?
How can I add an Object Code or Revenue Source Code to an Unbudgeted Account?
Can budget be moved from a revenue line to an expense line?
Who can request budget changes?
When is a Position Budget Adjustment required?
How do I request a Budget Adjustment?
How do I know the current budget amount for a position?
What is an EPC position?
Can position numbers be moved between accounts?
When should a New Position Number be requested?
Why canít the reserves balance be used to create a new position?
When do I submit a Budget Revision?
How do I submit a Budget Revision?
What is a Reassignment of Expenses?
What is Recharge activity?
How do I move funds from one Self Supporting Account to another?

State Accounts

What is a State Account?
What expenses are unallowable on State Accounts?
When can a state budget be increased?
How can I adjust a state budget?


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