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Negative Cash Balances

Self supporting accounts are required to maintain a positive cash balance at all times.  This requires the accounts to be funded before expenditures are processed.  This is separate from the budget process, which allows expenditure transactions to post to an account based upon expense budget allocation. 

The budget that is established is the plan for account revenue and expenditures for the year and it allows activity to be encumbered at the beginning of the year before any cash posts to the account.  When encumbrances are transformed into expenditures or when direct expenditures are processed, the offsetting cash must be available in the account to cover those expenditures.  Account Managers have a responsibility to monitor their accounts on an ongoing basis during the year to ensure that cash posts to the account before the expenditures are processed so that the account maintains a positive cash balance.

UNLV is required to report self supporting accounts with negative cash balances to the Board of Regents quarterly.  The Budget Office monitors negative cash balances and will notify departments so that corrective action can be taken to balance the account.  If any account has a negative cash balance by the end of each fiscal quarter, it will be listed on the Exceptions Report submitted to NSHE for the Board of Regents agenda and reviewed at the Board Meetings.  The department will be required to provide a written report explaining why the deficit occurred, what actions have been taken to correct the deficit, and when the deficit will be eliminated, with supporting schedules and details.  The department or division will be expected to have a representative available at the Board meeting, who is prepared to answer any questions that may arise about the overdraft.

How to determine the cash balance of a self supporting account:
How to maintain a positive cash balance:
How to correct a negative cash balance:

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