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Position Budget Reports

Divisional Budget Managers have been given access to the Hyperion Budget and Planning application.

Detailed Position Budget Reports and Employee Master Data is available to Divisional Budget Officers via Hyperion on an on-demand basis for highly formatted and ad-hoc reports.

Account Managers can access Position Budget Reports and Employee data in the SCS Financial Data Warehouse.

Position Budget Reports:

  • The positions budgeted on an account can be accessed in the Data Warehouse through the Organization Summary and the Balance and Activity Reports by clicking on the Object Code Hyperlinks for 11-Professional or 14-Classified.

  • Position Budget reports can also be accessed in the Data Warehouse at:
    • UNLV Reports\Agency Summary by Position
    • UNLV Reports\Organization Summary by Position

  • Access to position budgets via the Data Warehouse is only available for the current fiscal year.

  • These reports will only show positions with budgeted FTE.

  • Position budgets for a new fiscal year are available in the Data Warehouse once the new position budgets are loaded to the Warehouse (generally near the close of the 13th accounting period for the prior closing fiscal year).

Employee Payroll Data Report:

  • Employee payroll data can be accessed in the Data Warehouse through the Employee Payroll Report.

  • This report provides the Amount Paid, Amount Encumbered, and total Commitment for each employee paid on the account during the fiscal year, summarized by period selected, Semester, Month, or Year.
    • Please note that future unpaid leave and furlough is not encumbered and should be adjusted for when making projections.

  • Employee Payroll Data Reports can be accessed in the Data Warehouse at:
  1. Reports\Financial Reports\Employee Payroll Report

  2. Check Semester, Fiscal Month, or Fiscal Year to select the summary period.

  3. Select the Fiscal Year desired and enter the account number in the box provided.
    • The data can be narrowed down by Object Code if preferred.

If you have questions regarding Position Budget Reports, please contact Summer Mudd at 895-1077.

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