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Plant Project Budgets

Account and Budget Procedures

Planning & Construction (P&C) is responsible for new construction and renovations.  Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for the renewal and replacement of facilities and the maintenance and repair of property and installed non-programmatic systems and equipment.
Plant accounts are used to identify and track activity related to each project.  The type of account depends on the nature and scope of the project and the funding source.  When a project is identified and authorized, P&C/FM will coordinate with the Controller’s Office to determine the correct account structure.  If a new account is required, P&C/FM will submit a New Account Request Form.  The Controller’s Office will assign an account number and distribute to P&C/FM and the Budget Office.

P&C/FM will prepare a Plant Budget Form and submit to the SVPF&B for approval.  A cash flow statement should be prepared for all capital projects.  The funding source must be identified with department or agency verification as necessary.  P&C/FM will submit the signed Budget Form with backup documentation for project authorization, scope, and source of funding, to the Budget Office to set up the budget lines.  The Budget Office will notify P&C/FM when the budget has been set up.

When a project scope changes and a project budget needs to be revised P&C/FM will prepare a Budget Revision Form and submit to the SVPF&B for approval along with a revised cash flow statement for capital projects.  Details of the change in scope should be included and the additional funding source identified.  P&C/FM will submit the signed Revised Budget Form with the backup documentation to the Budget Office to revise the budget.  The Budget Office will notify P&C/FM when the budget has been revised.

Budget adjustments, where the total project budget is not changed but some realignment between object codes is necessary, can be processed by email request from P&C/FM to the Budget Office.  Adjustments to transfer salary savings funds require SVPF&B approval. 

When a project has been completed and all project activity has been processed P&C/FM will review the account to close out any remaining PO balances and notify the Controller’s Office and the Budget Office that the account can be closed out. The disposition of any remaining funds will be coordinated with the Controller’s Office.  After the account has been balanced for all project activity, any revisions solely for the purpose of utilizing any remaining bond proceeds for debt service will be coordinated by the Controller’s Office.

Download the Plant Account Budget Form here.

Planning & Construction/Facilities Management

Account Management Item:

Designated Responsibility:

Maintain a positive account balance Financial Manager
Process IDRs for internal transfers Admin Asst
Process Monetary Transfer Request (gifts) Admin Asst
Submit payment requests to external entities Financial Manager
Coordinate timing of bond draws with Controller’s Office Financial Manager
Assign project transactions to related project account Financial Manager
Review POs and close out expired PO balances Financial Manager
Prepare new project cash flow statements Director of Admin Services
Prepare new account budgets Financial Manager
Prepare budget revisions Financial Manager
Manage CIPu Reserve Accounts

Director of Admin Services

Manage timing of purchases per State fiscal year deadlines *

Director of Admin Services

Manage CIPu Funds to expend within the funding term*

Director of Admin Services

* Goods and services must be received by 6/30.  Payments must be processed before the fiscal year close.  For CIPu funds, the fiscal year deadline applies to the final year of the 4 year cycle of the fund allocation.






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