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State Accounts: Position Budget Adjustments

State salary allocations are managed at the Division level so coordinate salary budget changes with your Division Budget Officer. 

Position Budget Increase:

If a position budget needs to be increased mid-year, sumbit a Budget Adjustment Request to the Budget Office noting the PN, Account Number, and new compensation amount, including any stipend or special pay.  Identify the funding source for the increase, including related fringe benefits. Use the Budget Adjustment Form to submit budget adjustment requests.

Position Budget Decrease:

No action is needed if the budget does not need to be reallocated to other operating lines.  If a position base salary is decreased and the allocation needs to be moved to another position or to another operating line, submit a Budget Adjustment Request to the Budget Office using the Budget Adjustment Form.

Position Account Change:

Positions should not move between state accounts mid-year.  All state position moves should be submitted by the Division Budget Officer during the annual budget process.   Positions can be converted from Classified to Professional or vice versa, with Division approval. Submit a New Position Request Form.


When the correct account number is noted on an HR document but the position budget is insufficient and the department has not submitted a budget adjustment request, there will be a permanent budget adjustment processed by the Budget Office to match the compensation approved per the document in the following order as allocation is available:

  1. Reallocation from Salary budget within the account
  2. Reallocation from 30-Operations or 15-Wages budget within the account
  3. Reallocation from designated Division account

Note: State classified positions must be budgeted at the filled grade step and vacant positions must be budgeted at step 1 for annual budget reporting.   Excess allocation will be reallocated within the same account or to a designated Division account.

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