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Instructions - Data Warehouse Reports

Employee Payroll Data Report:

  1. Reports\Financial Reports\Employee Payroll Data Report

  2. Check Semester, Fiscal Month, or Fiscal Year to select the summary period.

  3. Select the Current Year2 and enter the account number in the box provided.
    • The data can be narrowed down by Object Code if preferred.

  4. This report provides the Amount Paid, Amount Encumbered, and total Commitment for each employee paid on the account during the fiscal year, summarized by period selected, Semester, Month, or Year.

  5. Use this report to reconcile the Current Year2 Projected Actual Salary on Forms E1 and E2.

  6. This report is by employee so for positions filled by more than one employee during the year, the combined commitment should be entered on the relevant budget form.

Organization Summary by Object/Sub-Object Report:

  1. Reports\Business Reports\Organization Summary by Object\Sub-Object Report

  2. Select the Prior Year1 and Period 13 (Year End) and enter account number.
    • Use this data to complete the Summary Form Prior Year1 Actual Column.

  3. Select the Current Year2 and the Prior Closed Fiscal Month.
    • Enter this month end date on Form R1 (Cell D09) and Form E3 (Cell F8).
    • Use this data for the Current Year2 Year-to-Date Revenue on Form R1 and Year-to-Date Operations Expenses on Form E3.

Balance and Activity Report

  1. Reports\Business Reports\Balance and Activity

  2. Select the Current Year2 and the Current month then enter the account number.

  3. This report provides the same information as the Object/Sub-Object Report but in Summary by Object or Revenue Code. This report also includes current encumbrance summary activity.

Appropriation Balances Report:

  1. Reports\Business Reports\Appropriation Balances:

  2. Select Appropriation Unit and continue.

  3. Select the Current Year2, Active Appropriation Status, and enter the Agency and Org Number.

  4. This shows the account Beginning Cash Balance, Total Year-to-Date Receipts and Expenses, Outstanding Encumbrances, and Ending Cash Balance as of the date searched.

  5. This Report is also included at the bottom of the Organization Summary and the Balance and Activity Reports.

Account Trend Analysis:

  1. Reports\Financial Reports\Account Trend Analysis:

  2. Select the columns to include in the report, and continue.

  3. Select the periods to compare (annual, quarters, or months).

  4. Select the Fiscal Years to compare.

  5. Select Expenses or Revenues, and continue.

  6. Enter Orgs and continue.
    • Selection can be narrowed by agency, fund, and Object Codes or Revenue Codes first.

  7. This shows a comparison of expenses or revenues by Fiscal Years for the periods selected.
    • When two periods are compared, the report includes a dollar amount and percentage change analysis.

Account Expense Trends & Account Revenue Trends:

  • Trend analysis reports by type are also available.  The reports are very similar to the Account Trend Analysis Report, but they eliminate non-compatible options so they can be easier for new users.

  • Reports\Financial Reports\Account Expense Trends

  • Or

  • Reports\Financial Reports\Account Revenue Trends

Position Budget Reports:

  • The Positions Budgeted on the account can be accessed through the Organization Summary and the Balance and Activity Reports by clicking on the Object Code Hyperlinks for 11-Professional or 14-Classified.

  • This function is only available in the current fiscal year.


  • Outstanding Operations Encumbrance details can be accessed through the Organization Summary and the Balance and Activity Reports by clicking on the encumbrance amount Hyperlink for Object 30.

Fiscal Year Notation Date Span
1 Prior Year = FY17 07/01/16 - 06/30/17
2 Current Year = FY18 07/01/17 - 06/30/18
3 Budget Year = FY19 07/01/18 - 06/30/19

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