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Instructions - Form E3: Operations

  • All categories with significant activity should be itemized separately, but sub-object codes with minimal activity can be consolidated and reported in Row 45 under ‘Other’.

Current Year2

  1. Using Data Warehouse Organization Summary by Sub-Object Report, go to the prior closed period.

  2. Cell F8 – Enter the month end of the closed period report.

  3. Column B – Enter the Sub-Object Codes

  4. Column D – Enter the Sub-Object Description

  5. Column F – Enter the Expenditure Year-to-Date amounts per the Data Warehouse Closed Period report used.

  6. Column G – Enter your Estimate of Projected Expenditures through year end.

Budget Year3

  1. Column J – Enter Estimated Expenditures for the Budget Year3.

There are two calculated amounts on this form: 

  1. Admin Overhead is calculated @ 3.5% of the revenue projections on Form R1, excluding Transfers In and Gifts.
    • This expense will post to the account at the beginning of each quarter for the revenue collected in the prior quarter.

  2. Classified Personnel Assessment is calculated for the Current Year2 and the Budget Year3 at a percentage of Classified Salary Expense on From E2.
    • The expense is assessed by the Nevada Department of Personnel and posts to the account annually, usually in the third quarter.
    • The rate for each year is shown on the Rates tab of the Budget Forms.

The Operations line should maintain sufficient allocation to cover these assessments when they post in the Budget Year3.

Fiscal Year Notation Date Span
1 Prior Year = FY17 07/01/16 - 06/30/17
2 Current Year = FY18 07/01/17 - 06/30/18
3 Budget Year = FY19 07/01/18 - 06/30/19

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