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Instructions - General


  • The Budget Form is protected due to the number of formulas included. Use the Tab key to move through the form, it will bypass any protected cells.

  • Do not Cut or Copy and Paste as it may overwrite some of the hidden formulas.

  • Do not delete any sheets as many formulas are linked between sheets.

  • If a sheet is not required it can be hidden by right clicking on the sheet tab and selecting hide.

  • Additional sheets can be inserted or copied as needed.

Color Coding:

  • Green Headings: Revenue Budget

  • Blue Headings: Expense Budget

  • Grey cells are unprotected - enter data directly into these cells.

  • Yellow cells are protected; data is picked up in these cells through formulas from other cells or sheets.

  • Pink cells indicate a ±10% change in budget
    • A percentage change calculation is included as a visual aid in column Q on the Summary Form

    • When data for all three years has been entered into the form, check the percentage changes from Current Year2 to Budget Year3
      • Changes greater than ±10% will be highlighted in pink to prompt you to include an explanation on From N2

    • Null values will be returned where there is no data for one or both years
      • If there is no budget for both years, that message can be ignored, otherwise it indicates the addition or elimination of a budget line, which also requires an explanation on Form N2

Form N1 - Purpose of Account:

  • Provide a description of the activity that the account supports and the funding sources that support that activity.

  • Include any notes regarding restrictions on the use of funds or useful background information that would help a newcomer to understand the account.

Form N2 - Explanation of Changes:

  • Use this sheet to include explanatory notes for any major changes to the account for next year.
  • If a budget line is being eliminated, such as Wages or Travel, note the reason:
    • Will these expenses be covered in another account or will they be eliminated?

  • Examples to consider:
    • If there is a new position on the account, is this position being transferred from another account or is it a new position request?

    • If graduate salaries are increasing by 30%, is this due to additional students being hired to teach classes or is it because support for a position on another account is not available next year?

    • Why are printing costs budgeted to increase by 25% next year?

  • Thorough documentation of program changes provides a good history and will help with budget projections in following years. It can also avoid elimination of a budget line in error due to oversight.

  • Insert supplementary information in a PDF or Word Doc format in the Attachments field.

Fiscal Year Notation Date Span
1 Prior Year = FY17 07/01/16 - 06/30/17
2 Current Year = FY18 07/01/17 - 06/30/18
3 Budget Year = FY19 07/01/18 - 06/30/19

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